ProSuite offers a particularly user-friendly environment to perform two types of Yijing draws according to:

  • the text-based approach,
  • the Wen wang ba gua also called taoist yi jing.

Text-based approach

Quickly get the name of the hexagram drawn – for the few who do not know by heart their 64 hexagrams is convenient, but instant access to the myriad of related hexagrams is really a help to the analysis: generator, nuclear, permuted, opposite, resulting and derived.

Pleasantly presented, they offer a visual support very favorable to the interpretation of the cast.

For rights reasons, this first release of ProSuite does not offer built-in documentation, but you’ll soon be able to enter your own text and associate it with each hexagram to have all your documentation on hand at your fingertips.

ProSuite - Yi King, text approach

Taoist Yi Jing

The Wenwang approach is much more technical and a calculator is very appreciable.

ProSuite concentrates all the useful information of the drawing which is a function of the day: subject / object, nature of the traits, hidden relationships, associated branches, void, animals, traits and mutant relations, as well as the different fan yin et fu yin.

The cartouche recalls the date, the voids, the gua shen, as well as the family and the generation of the hexagram drawn.

ProSuite - Wen wang ba gua

Easily draw a cast

The creation process is extremely simple.

The date of the cast is that of the day, but you can modify it as you wish, for example if you want to enter previously processed cases.

Choose your analysis mode: text or wen wang.

Then just enter your question.

ProSuite - Cast an hexagram

Use the casting technique that’s right for you. It can be yarrow stems, pieces …

Line by line, select the result: 6, 7, 8 or 9. You can easily correct an error if you made a mistake.

The hexagram is built before your eyes, nothing more simple.

ProSuite _ Yi King : build the hexagram

Main Features

Quick entry

Quick and intuitive entry mode. Focus on the issue.

Text - Wen Wang Ba Gua

Choose the method most appropriate to the question type or who has your preference.

Branches subtitling

For those who are not familiar with the branches, ProSuite offers subtitling in pinyin, vietnamese, letters or animal.


Memorize the casts and associate them to your customers for later retrieval.

Cristal clear display

Benefit from an ergonomic presentation of the print information that effectively supports your analysis.

Display options

Adjust the display according to your taste.

Fan yin - Fu yin

ll useful information of toaist yi jing are available, including fan yin and fu yin for yao and trigrams.

HD printing

Create stunning prints with ProSuite vector images that can be saved in Pdf format or directly on your printer.

Multiple casts

Make as many casts as you like and keep them on the screen. 2 or 3 prints are visible on the same line depending on the zoom.