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The most complete
Classical Arts Calculator

Integrated solution

All your customers in one place, switch from one tool to another with a single click.

Perfect legibility

All renderings are vectorial and can be zoomed in and exported to PDF.

Available everywhere

Your application is always up to date and available under any browser.

Designed for Professionals

A true framework

All your analyzes at hand

Store all your cases in one place, organize them into albums, tag them, find them easily thanks to the search function and the history. Then you can more easily perform complete and precise analyzes in a click of a tool to the other.

ProSuite Framework
Ba zi, Feng shui, Yi jing, Qi men, Zi wei

All the classical chinese arts

Our calculation models have been running since 2002, which means they are particularly reliable. They save you precious time and avoid mistakes that are harmful to your customers. Focus on the analysis.


Adapts to your way of working

There are many options to modify calculations and naming conventions. Those who are not familiar with ideograms may have support in pinyin and english.

Accurate calculations

Time zones and true hours

Congested by our users, the management of time zones and the ability to work in true time or  Beijing time has been integrated into our calculators from the very beginning. Also possible calculations in unknown hour.

Almanac Pro

All data of the day

Get each day and hour data up to 3 years in advance: dong gong, feng shui auxiliary stars, hexagrams, xuan kong markers, activities, ephemeris … all you need for date selection.

Our users report

Bruno Lecourt
Bruno LecourtFeng Shui Consultant
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For my work I am looking for clarity and ease: ProSuite is intuitive, fun and ergonomic, which in my opinion puts it at the top of all software of this type.
Isabella Obrist
Isabella ObristTMC Expert
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ProSuite greatly facilitates my professional life. Seeking the opening of an acupuncture point, a date for the start of a customer's Feng Shui work, a date to open a shop, everything is at the fingertips in a few moments. It's perfectly designed. Thank you so much.
Roger Parrié
Roger ParriéProSuite User
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I use ProSuite Bazi for almost 2 years. I find it very readable: four pillars, decades, pillars of annual luck, monthly ..., color of the trunks and branches that reveal the elements at first sight, strength of the elements, everything is there. And unlike other mobile / tablet apps the calculations for decades are just right!
Benoit Peng
Benoit PengOuyue Consulting
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ProSuite is truly a valuable tool for those interested in divination, destiny and Feng Shui. He is an outstanding assistant.