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All tools for everyday use:
  • Complete framework to store your cases
  • Ba zi
  • Feng shui
  • Yi jing text approach
  • Qi men hour/day/month/year
  • Zi wei


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All Starter plus :
  • + space to store your cases
  • Share cases
  • Qi men Destiny
  • Qi men Feng shui
  • Yi jing Liu yao
  • Zi wei annual & monthly transits


All Premium plus :
  • No limit to store your cases
  • Qi men Strategy
  • Zi wei daily & hourly transits
  • Zi wei ProBuilder
  • Automatic analysis : 2500 rules

Annual subscription

Characteristics of the plans








Cases memorized



No limit

Analyzes *



No limit

Albums/Tags creation
Stems & branches Subtitles
Share cases

Ba Zi

Daymaster strength
Shen & Sha, Na yin, ...
Classical analysis
Naming conventions
Handle uneven hours
Partial months/days
Useful god proposal

Feng Shui

Flying stars
Bazhai & Advanced bazhai
Castle gate
Rotating grids

Yi Jing

Text approach
Generator, nuclear, derived, ...
Liu Yao/Taoist yi jing
Relations, branches & animals
Subject/object position
Void, hidden yao

Qi Men

Zhi Run - Chai Bu methods
Standard rules customization
Multi-criteria search

30 days

180 days

Rules creation & customization
13 palaces placed
Starting age
Influence and blocking palaces
Strategy grid
36 stratagems
Available stratagems per palace

Zi Wei

109 stars in 10 groups
Brightness of stars
Editable dictionary
Vo Van Em or Classical computation
Influence palaces
Rulesets in option
Documented stars
10 years and annual transits analysis
Monthly and daily transits analysis


ProBuilder visual rules editor

Annual subscription

* Quotas of Stored Cases and Analyzes

ProSuite distinguishes between the number of cases stored in your personal space and the number of analyzes the server performs for you.

A stored case is a date or location that is remembered so that you can easily return to it. This is a facility that takes on its meaning for a professional who has a large number of cases to store, otherwise he would have to constantly go back to his archives and re-enter the specific data of a client with the risk of error that this entails. For personal use, apart from relatives, it is not particularly interesting to be able to store a lot of cases.

Analyzes are requests made to the server. This one must carry out a complete calculation each time a parameter is modified. In bazi for example, the basic chart requires a calculation. If we want to analyze the impact of a luck pillar, that requires another calculation.

ProSuite has a session cache which avoids asking the server for the same calculation. This cache is emptied each time the browser page is refreshed, so generally only when the browser is launched. The status of quotas is visible in the ProSuite dashboard.

The analysis quotas were established on the basis of the observed consumption of ProSuite users since 2017. Apart from a few rare cases, they do not constitute a real limitation for anyone. It is just a safeguard for a fair use of the service: beyond the simple metric of consumption, carrying out a very large number of calculations means a very frequent request of the service and therefore a high need for availability of service, which comes at a cost. However, all ProSuite users know that I react very quickly in the event of a problem.