Stars has been Marip’s flagship software for years. He has accompanied many practitioners and fans of FengShui. This first release Feng Shui Stars in ProSuite resumes its features, with improvements of course.

An adjustable star grid

Stars ProSuite, flying stars at your fingertips

A click on the facing, a possible click on the period, another to orient grid according to your plan, and you are ready to carry out the analysis.

The stars of the current date are automatically displayed, but you can choose to display all or part of them.

For those who are not comfortable with ideograms, choose to display the 24 mountains in english or pinyin.

If you choose to enter the facing using the precise measurement in degrees, ProSuite will tell you if you are on one of the 4 empty line types.

ProSuite - Death & emptiness lines


ProSuite - Lunar navigation
ProSuite - Solar navigation

The navigation bar allows you to quickly change the time settings, such as the period or date of analysis, for example the current date or the date of moving.

You can also choose any in your ProSuite cases and cast this date into the Feng Shui tool to analyze it.

The navigation bar provides the calendar date and the date of the lunar or solar calendar according to the calculation method you have chosen in the options. It is therefore very simple to walk from lunar month to lunar month for example.


Bazhai grid with camaieu
A click on a case or the gua selector and the basic bazhai and advanced bazhai values are displayed next to the flying stars. This bazhai grid is oriented exactly the same way as the stars. Numerous display options are available. You can name the values in pinyin, in chinese or according to the numerical notation of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai. Color these values or not.


One of the notable improvements compared to the PC version of Stars is to be able to make impressions of different grids. As in all ProSuite prints, these are vectorial and therefore of very high quality.

Choose to print in Pdf to get a vector image to insert in your documents. Remember to leave the copyright visible.

Main Features

Adjustable grids

Turn your grids with a click in accordance with your plans without risk of error.

Solar - lunar

Calculate the solar or lunar flying stars according to your habits.

Emptiness lines detection

The 4 types of emptiness lines are detected when you enter a facing in degrees.

Basis/advanced Bazhai

Benefit from oriented bazhai grids according to your plan for an immediate and reliable reading.

Castle Gate

Support for advanced Castle Gate computing functionality.

Computation options

ProSuite supports a wide range of calculation options for flying stars. You will certainly find the settings that match you.

Solar/lunar gua

Some calculate the gua in solar, others in lunar as part of the date of birth. Choose to cast one or the other according to your habits.

Display options

Numerous options to display and color your grids. Flashy and speaking or total sober, with or without background, with or without loshu, …

Naming conventions

Find the names of bazhai and the mountains you know: english, pin yin, Yap Cheng Hai.

Store your cases

Memorize the cases, the characteristics of the buildings, to find them easily and not to re-enter all the time the same data.

HD printing

Create stunning prints with ProSuite vector images that can be saved in Pdf format or directly on your printer.

Easy navigation

Easily navigate from month to month, from day to day, according to the Gregorian, Solar or Lunar calendar.