If it is a traditional art for which a calculator is indispensable, it is indeed the Qimen.

The Qimen in ProSuite is all types of useful grids, be they temporal, destiny or strategy and the ability to print them in High Definition to document your files.

Better yet, you have a search tool to quickly find the dates you are interested in, extremely tedious work by hand.

Temporal grids

Naming convention Joey Yap
Naming convention Joey Yap
Naming convention Joseph Yu
Naming convention Joseph Yu

ProSuite offers 4 standard time grids with different naming options so you can find your habits.

The grids may be rotated to facilitate, for example, reading relative to a map.


Naming convention Joseph Yu

The cartouche contains the essential information, including the date with its pillars and the time zone chosen for the calculation. Each grid can be calculated for a different time zone, depending on what you want to do.

For example, if you need to select a date for a person living in New York, it makes sense to work with the New York Times data, not from your home or from Beijing.

The stem behind which the daily and daily Jia is located is also indicated


La navigation qimen dans ProSuite
Qimen navigation

The navigation bar under each grid allows you to review the dates. It also allows you to change the grid type, create new grids that share the same date, or use a new date.

All grids that share the same date are refreshed at the same time if the date is changed.

allows to change the timezone, to store the grid in ProSuite for later retrieval.

Qimen calendar

It is very easy to get back to today’s date or choose a date in the calendar and then move around day by day for example.

Qimen Destiny

Qimen Destiny is a special grid for the destiny analysis. It is built on the basis of a hourly grid, but with specificities.
The grid of destiny indicates the different palaces, as well as the ages of triggering of these palaces.

For ease of analysis, palaces of influence and blockage of any palace can be viewed simply by clicking on it.

It is very easy to juxtapose an annual grid for example to analyze the annual specificities.

Qimen destiny

Qimen Strategy

Qimen Strategy is also a hourly grid processed in a particular way according to the hexagrams present. The strategy grid supports the 36 stratagems and indicates the mutations of the hexagrams resulting in a stratagem. So you can see at a glance whether a strategy is feasible in the situation you are considering and what needs to be done to implement it.
Sun Tzu stratagems

Clicking on the stratagem number gives you all the useful information in the side panel.

Names are provided in both French and English, full stratagem texts in french, but you can edit and place yours.

Qimen strategy


Qimen rules
Editing the main rules
Qimen 100 rules
Editing the 100 combinaisons
Qimen personal rules
Editing the personal rules

ProSuite contains a large number of rules that are evaluated in each palace and that are displayed when the content of the palace corresponds to the rule. In addition to the main rules and 100 formations that you can document as you wish, you can create as many personal rules as you want and that will be evaluated with the ProSuite rules.

Règles déclenchées

When you click on a palace, a side panel displays the details of the rules that have been triggered in the palace and therefore correspond to a particular formation.

For rights reasons, it is not possible to provide explanatory texts related to the rules in the software. But you can very easily enter yours.

Qimen customize rule
Qimen rule creation

Main Features

Multi grids

Display as many grids as you like, paired on the same date or with different dates.

Zhi Run - Chai Bu

Choose the type of calendar you want to use: Zhi Run extension method or Chai Bu replacement.

Multi-criteria search

Start a search on the criteria of your choice and get a selection of dates which you can visualize the grids to retain the most favorable.

Personnal rules

Define your own personal rules with their documentation. They will be evaluated and will appear in the palaces as the basic rules.

Naming conventions

Choose from several naming conventions for deities, doors and stars, the one you are used to.

Adjustable grids

Rotate your grids with a click in accordance with your plans without risk of error.

Fan yin - Fu yin

The information for fan yin and fu yin is clearly visible at the bottom of each grid.

Early Zi

The calculator supports both operating modes: early zi and early zi next day.

HD printing

Create stunning prints with ProSuite vector images that can be saved in Pdf format or directly on your printer.

Display options

Different display options allow you to adjust the presentation according to your work habits.

Special structures

ProSuite integrates the special formations and the 100 formations that you can document as you wish.

Store your cases

Memorize your analysis data and associate it with your customers in ProSuite for later retrieval.