The Bazi ProSuite calculator is the culmination of many years of use of an in-house computer. The purpose of this calculator is to offer a high level of customization.

It is meant to be a real help to the analysis as much for the seasoned professionals to whom it saves time that for those who begin and need to be secured. It’s very didactic. The display can be as simple or as complete as you want. Everything is configurable and several naming conventions are available, especially for structures and deities.

The 4 pillars and the complementary pillars

ProSuite - 11 pillars to analyse

The Pillars area can accommodate up to 11 pillars: the 4 basic pillars, a luck pillar and a date of analysis, as well as the life and conception pillars for those who use them.

The headband indicates the essential information: the strength of the day master between 0 and 100, the structure, the special structures if there are any and the pivot that balances the bazi.

The 5 elements

The representation of the 5 elements in a circle is a formidable tool for analysis and communication. The gauges make it possible to visualize at a glance the force ratio of the elements relative to each other. Other modes of representation will be provided in the next versions.

When analyzing a date, a stroke in the gauge indicates the initial value of the element, with the calculator reanalyzing the entire bazi at each date selection.

Luck pillars

The pillars of luck are calculated at the same time as the basic theme. They form the basis of a navigation schedule. By clicking on a pillar, the corresponding years are displayed and then clicking on a year the months … It is possible to memorize in ProSuite any date corresponding to a significant event in the life of the person to recall it subsequently.

The hatched areas indicate the part of the year, month, day and hours that are not accessible. For example, September 7, 2066 starts at 8:00 am in the selected time zone. So 3h for example is part of the previous month. February 3, 2067 marks the boundary of the following year.

ProSuite - Luck Pillars & full calendar

For those who prefer to see all the years of a blow, it is possible. The pillar of the rightmost luck is usually empty. It indicates the period of life before these pillars unleash. It is of course possible to click on it and access the corresponding years.

See the ability to colour the stems and branches according to their element.

Support to bazi analysis

In addition to the indications directly carried in the pillars, different panels give additional information.

The day master strength is evaluated according to different criteria.

ProSuite - Classics

As well as the main indicators of the classical analysis are given here.

ProSuite - Personal pillar
A support is provided for the 60 Jia Zi that you can edit as you wish and that you will immediately have on hand when analyzing the theme.

The same applies to all the stars present in a pillar. Each star can be renamed at your convenience and has a quality indicator. The pillar from which this star is calculated is also indicated.

It’s often best to keep the names you’ve learned with, so you can put your own.

ProSuite - Bazi stars

Main Features

Strength of the Day Master

The beast of beginners. ProSuite evaluates for you the power of the day master according to a sophisticated algorithm that has proved its worth in the vast majority of cases.

Pivot evaluation

Determining the pivot demands a lot of experience in bazi. ProSuite does it for you and also offers temporary pivots according to the dates of analysis.

Naming conventions

Find the names of the structures and deities you know.

Clash, harm, punishment, ...

Clashes are clearly displayed, as well as fan yin and fu yin, together withg internal/external distinction

Combos and transformations

All forms of combinations are visualized, as well as the transformation into a resulting element: half combo, 3 combo, season, 6 combos, top bottom …

Shen & sha documentation support

A hundred stars are calculated and displayed at the foot of the pillar. A click on it and the documentation appears …

Life and Conception pillars

For those who use these pillars, they are available next to the 4 pillars.

Unknown hour

ProSuite allows you to analyze a theme whose birth time is unknown without introducing bias linked to a dummy time.

Medical special : uneven hours

ProSuite offers 3 modes of taking into account the hours, including the uneven hours related to the actual sunrise and sunset at the point considered.

Fragmentary days/months

An accurate calendar with days and hours of change of month or year to avoid edge effects during analysis and date selection.

Solar - lunar

ProSuite can perform solar or lunar calculations, depending on how you work. You can mix modes, this information is stored with your case.

Void - nobles

Columns with Nobles are easily recognizable, as are the Voids. ProSuite even indicates if a void is released.

Classical analysis

Coupled with the na yin present in each pillar, the classical analysis information allows to deepen the analysis of the personality.

60 Jia Zi

The personal pillar of the day is the most important pillar, especially in our modern life. The 60 personal pillars can be documented and renamed.

Subtitling stems / branches

For those who are not familiar with stems and branches, ProSuite offers subtitling in pinyin, vietnamese, letters or animal & element.
Isabella Obrist
Isabella ObristTMC Expert
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In Ba Zi, calculating stems and branches for a person involves looking for solar time, taking into account the place of birth etc, this can lead to errors if done by hand, but not at all with this software, which is perfectly designed. Thank you so much.
Bruno Lecourt
Bruno LecourtFeng Shui Consultant
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A great time saver - ProSuite spares me the calculations and editing of the theme of bazi! Thus, I can focus all my energy on the analysis and better meet the needs of my client. I can compare my results with those proposed by the software and thus confirm my answer.