Store and retreive all your cases

It’s very simple to create a new case, to comment on it and store it in your personal space.

By placing it in an album or tagging it, you increase your search possibilities. One click and it’s a favorite.

Filtered search

Instant access

With ProSuite’s hyper-fast search tool, find any case by name or a portion of your comment in seconds.

When you’re online with your client, you view all their data, topics, questions very easily.

News thread

All the history of your customer

Each case contains 4 organizable threads: the thread of the events, the relatives, the places and the questions of yi jing or qi men treated.

The thread makes it possible to reproject the date of the event immediately in the tool of analysis. Compare and analyze becomes much easier.

What our customers say

Bruno Lecourt
Bruno LecourtFeng Shui Consultant
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Storing my clients' files was starting to become a problem at home. With ProSuite finished the paper archives! I save and centralize the folders on the space dedicated to me. I deposit my own conclusions and consult them on any computer in a secure way.