The Almanac® Pro on line is meant for the professionals and experts in the various fields of Chinese classical arts and sciences: TMC, yi jing, feng shui, bazi and more. It offers one page per day of information of all kinds, down to the hour.
Almanac Pro Online


So what do you get in a day?:
  • year, month, day and hour pillars (bazi)
  • na yin for each pillar,
  • hexagrams down to the hour with xuan kong data (element and period),
  • year, month, day and hour flying stars,
  • day and hour traditional stars, 12 phases, 28 constellations and 12 officers,
  • combinations, clashes and void, favourable and unfavourable activities of the day,
  • day rating for each of the 12 signs,
  • monthly shen & sha,
  • lunar and solar astronomical data,
  • hourly acupuncture points according to following methods: na jia fa, zi wu liu zhu, ling gui ba fa and fei teng ba fa.


Version 2 of the Almanac® Pro allows you to work with the timezone of your choice. By default, it’s your own timezone that is used. But you can very easily give the name of a town, area or country to get informations relative to this spot. calculator is the only one that computes informations for the place of your choice.

So easy to use

Navigation allows to quickly select a date and go to the next or previous day, month or year.

With the sector grid, you see immediately annual, monthly and daily flying stars within each palace, together with san sha, sui po and peach blossom. Red background palaces are free from any affliction.

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