Almanac® Pro online provides for each day of the year information on the different types of energy present that day.

Some of this information is raw (stems, branches, hexagrams, stars) and another is already a form of interpretation (sign forecasts or activities).

The window consists of 3 main areas: a header, a footer and the almanac itself.

The specificity of chinese-arts.app Almanac®  is to take into account the time zone where you are and to be able to specify another one.

Almanac Pro Online

Fullscreen mode

You can switch the Almanac® Pro to full screen mode by clicking in the top right corner.

Also note that you can zoom in with your browser and that the display will fit the size of the window.

The almanac

The date

Jour, mois année

The date itself.

Time shift

The time offset of the current spindle relative to Universal Time (UTC).
This difference takes into account daylight saving time if it applies to the place in question.

Dong Gong Ranking

Indicates the quality of the day from the day’s Jia Zi in relation to the current month. This ranking is based on the work of astrologer Dong Gong during the Ming Dynasty. This is a classic data in calendars of this type.

 very bad

Lunar Month

Number of the lunar month. If it’s a leap month, it’s shown here.

Lunar day

Lunar day number.

12 officers

Gives the day officer, which profiles appropriate bearing and behaviors.


Gives the symbolic lunar mansion of the day.

12 Phases

The stage shown here is the one of the stem related to the day branch.


Gives the precise time of lunar phases and solar segments this day, in the selected timezone. The time shift is shown (UTC).

Day data

Sign forecast

Indique la qualité du jour selon l’année de naissance.

Day pillars

The day pillars are defined by the stem/branch couples for the year, the month and the day. The 12 hour pillars are separately defined in K. Each pillar is also qualified by its na yin (name, element and index), by its hexagram (yaos, name and number on the right) and by xuan kong indicators on the left : element on top, period below. The number in the circle  is the flying star.

Auxiliary stars of the month

Month Shen Sha with directions given as 24 mountains.

20 Activities

Tells if it is favorable, neutral or unfavorable to do that activity that day.

Combinaisons, clashs & voids

Combo and clash pillars are those whose stem and branches fully combine or clash with the day pillar.

xuan kong​ Combinaisons

The combo and clash pillars are those whose stem and branch fully combine or clash with the day pillar. The xuan kong indicators of the 10 combo hexagram form a 10 combination with those of the day, those of hetu a pre-heaven combination. Void branches are of course those of the day.

Day stars

List of the classical stars occurring this day. Stars are classified as favorable or unfavorable, but some are shown as neutral because their interpretation relies upon other stars presence.
Almanac Pro - Day 2

Stars and sha

This grid displays the annual, month and day flying stars and main sha per sector.

Please note that the south is up and north is down.

The background of the grid is grayed when it contains a sha, that allows to quickly see the concerned sectors and the free ones.

Here in this example, south, south-west, east, center et north-west are free.

Within each sector, you can find:
  • by column informations related to the day, month and year,
  • by line informations related to:
    • the presence of the 3 Killings
    • the presence of the Opponent
    • the presence of the Peach Blossom
    • the flying star of the sector.
So for our example we get in the Kan sector at north:
  • dayly and monthly 3 Killings
  • yearly Peach Blossom
  • yearly star 8, monthly 2, daily9.

Hour data

Hour flying star

Gives for every 2 hours slices the hourly flying star

Hour pillar

Gives for every 2 hours period the corresponding stem/branch couple and the na yin (element and index).

Le nom complet du na yin est obtenu dans une info-bulle en survolant le na yin.

Hour Stars

Gives for every 2 hours slices the list of classical stars that occur during this period.

Hour Hexagram

Gives for every 2 hours period the corresponding hexagram (yaos, name and number on the right), the xuan kong indicators on the left : element on top, period below.

Hourly acupoints

The acupuncture opening points are given for each time slice according to the 4 techniques:

  • 拿甲法 na jia fa,
  • 子午流注 zi wu liu zhu,
  • 灵龟八法 ling gui ba fa,
  • 飞腾八法 fei teng ba fa.

The second technique provides a superset of the first, so they are gathered in the same column, the points belonging exclusively to zi wu liu zhu and not na jia fa are in red.

The calendar

The calendar allows to quickly select a date and get informations relatives to this date.

Computation is done on chinese-arts.app server, so a short delay may occur between the time you select a new date and the moment the informations are displayed.

Pick a date

The date selector sticks to current web behaviors, so you will have no difficulty to use it.
The selector allows to pick a day, month or year.

If you click on march 2017, the selector will show the months of year 2017 so you can pick one easily.

Arrows and  allow to nagigate from month to month or year to year.

Visibility range

Depending on the visibility you’ve subscribed, you can navigate up to 1, 2 or 3 years after the begining of your subscription date.

Dates before 2012 and after your visibility are not accessibles and are displayed in gray.



You can quickly jump to the previous/next day, month or year using the buttons and in the footer.

The button comes back to the current day.


The specificity of the chinese-arts.app calculator : take into account the real time zones, as well as the summer and winter hours if they exist in the considered place.

Importance of timezone

Taking timezone into account is mandatory each time one tries to link an astronomical event and the calendar. Days always start a midnight local time, but month are related to solar segments or new moons, depending on the kind of frame one uses.

Theses astronomical events occur at the same moment for everyone on earth, thus at different local times. Only the days that are a solar segment or a new moon are concerned by this factor, but pour some people or situations, that can change things a lot. So it is important to consider it.

Stars based on solar segments or new moons can occur that day or the day before depending on where you are on earth. Month pillar can also be different. The impact on a date can be huge.

Default timezone

By default, Almanac® Pro will take the timezone of you computer or tablet. If you deal only with persons of the same country or timezone that you, this will be transparent to you. Take care to daylight saving time that can be different from one country to anonther, even if you share the same timezone. Almanac® Pro will deal with these 2 parameters.
Almanac® Pro gives for all dates the time shift of the event, be it a day or ephemeris.
For example in France, timezone is Europe/Berlin. On october 23, time shift is 2 heures relatively to universal time (UTC), formely called Greenwhich meridian (GMT). So the indicator is UTC+2. In this timezone, winter daylight saving time changes on october during the night. On the 26, the Almanach will flag UTC+1.

Change timezone

Changing timezone in the Almanac® Pro is extremely simple.

If your are working on a cas, an event, a person … juste type in the zone Place to set timezone the related name of the town, region or country. A dropdown box will show up with known names. Just pick the right one.

Once the good place choosen, the timezone is automatically updated and the Almanac® recomputes all the informatons for this date.

Timeshift indicators are always relevant. For example for New York, it’s UTC-4.

Go back to your timezone

Going back to your default timezone is also vrey simple : just click on next to the current timezone. This symbol will not show up is you are already on your default timezone.


Reminder about your license

If you see the bullet on your avatar, your subscription is close to the end. Click on the next to your name to go to your account page and renew your licence.

AlmanacPro - User infos


To access Almanac® Pro options, just click on next to your name.

To close the panel, just click outside it or press Escape key on your keyboard.

Options are shown as accordions. If the panes are not open, just click on the title to look inside a pane.

AlmanacPro - User infos

Choose the language

The dropbow displays all the languages supported by Almanac® Pro. Select th eone that suits you and click on.

Almanac® Pro will remember your choice and will use it on every device you will log on.


Version numbers are those of the different Almanac® interface and the computation server.

AlmanacPro Version details

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