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New ProSuite platform

Your online tools change hosting

To ensure better quality of service and prepare for the future, the ProSuite offer and the Almanac Pro are changing their hosting formula and platform.

Find all your data in your new space.

What changes for you

WordPress login

The login and the management of your personal data are processed under WordPress. This simplifies compliance with new standards such as the GDPR by adhering to an open source standard used worldwide.

Concretely, for all of you who already have an active account under, this means that your account has been transferred to Password management being different, you will have to request the creation of a new password on the login page.


A clearer dashboard

Once logged in, you will find on your Account page:

A direct link to the applications for which you have a subscription.

Just click on it to open the application.

The list of your valid licenses. A signal will warn you when your subscription is nearing the end and you will find this warning clearly visible in the application.

Here you will find the usual entries for a user account with the history of your orders, your address, your possible means of payment, etc.

A simplified offer

As for Almanac Pro, nothing has changed. On the ProSuite side, there are only 3 bundled offers left:
  • ProSuite Starter, a low-cost offer for those who make light use of these tools.
  • ProSuite Premium for discerning pros and enthusiasts who need all the tools.
  • ProSuite Expert for the most demanding users who need the most advanced functions.
You will find a comparison on the page detailing the offers.

How my ProSuite offer migrated

If you already had a ProSuite package, you end up with the same functionality.

If you had a subscription limited to one or more separate tools, this is maintained until its term. You will then have to choose from one of the 3 offers since these subscriptions can no longer be renewed individually.

ProSuite demo versions are replaced by a permanent free version

A simplified version will offer daily information free of charge for bazi, feng shui and qimen.

Attention to the ProSuite settings

If you had made changes to the ProSuite default settings, you must redo them manually. These are indeed specific to each of the browsers with which you work, there is no storage of these parameters on the server and therefore it is not possible to apply them automatically. Since ProSuite has also changed its domain name, inter-domain protections prohibit importing your old settings. So, especially if you use particular calculation methods, remember to update them in the options